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5 Essential Pieces

5 Essential Pieces I Keep in My Jewelry Box

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share a few of my go-to pieces that I currently keep in my jewelry box. When you have simple and high quality pieces like these, you can mix and match and accessorize any look. With the holiday season upon us, they are also great styles to gift!

Here are 5 essential pieces I keep in my jewelry box:

1. Long Necklaces
A super long 60-70 inch necklace is extremely versatile! This style of necklace should be kept on the thinner side so that when it is doubled or tripled it doesn't become overpowering or too chunky. I like to pull metallic colors on a neutral string base.
Morgan is my pick:

Boho Chic Handmade Necklace

2. Choker
I know it seems a bit trendy, but honestly at this point, the choker isn't going anywhere and it shouldn’t! Chokers are a fun way to accessorize and can really top off an outfit. I’m drawn to petite pieces made of stone, pearl, or crystal much more than leather or chain. Druzy has made its way into my heart with metallic tones and a choker is the perfect piece topped off with a baby druzy to give just a hint of sparkle.
Haley is my pick: Hematite

Boho Chic Handmade Choker Hematite Necklace

3. Pearl Necklaces
Its no secret that pearls are a big time love in my life. A pearl necklace may sound too conservative for some but don't be fooled! Today’s silhouettes and use of gorgeous natural pearls are turning this classic into a new must have for the fashion world.
Elizabeth is my pick:
Boho Chic Handmade Necklace

4. ….And More Pearls!
Pearls are so good you need them twice! Baroque pearl highlights this piece for me.
Garnet is a must have:
Boho Chic Handmade Pearl Necklace

5. Stretch Bracelets
Stretch bracelets need to be stacked up…deep! I usually have about 5-10 that are either mostly neutral or metallic. I always incorporate either a super bright pop of color or a couple of really large chunky earthy ones.
You need at least a pair:
Pearl Bracelet

What are your favorite jewelry pieces? Do you follow the hottest trends or are you more traditional with your choice of sparkle? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to give us a follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all of our latest looks and collections!

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How to Layer AOS for Fall 2017

How to Layer AOS for Fall 2017

How to Layer Jewelry for Fall 2017

There really are no stead fast rules on how to layer your jewelry pieces, but I do keep a few things in mind when I am going for the layered look.

1. First lets think about texture, length, and color

  • Texture of the crystals and stones comes into play with the size and facet shape. Charms, connectors, and Druzy pieces also bring in a lot of texture and personality.
  • Length of necklaces should differ by at least two inches.
  • Colors are chosen to compliment each other in a similar palette but don't be afraid to POP some metallics! I typically choose the same string color as a unifying base for the layers.

2. Start with the focal point or strongest necklace and then add up or down depending on my outfit.

  • Jeans and T-shirt? Start with a choker and then add a super long thin crystal chain.
  • Sweater dress with booties? Throw on those pearls... two is always better than one!
  • Holiday Party? Start with a large Druzy pendant necklace along with a crystal 40’’ chain.

3. Finally, stack on the bracelets!

You can never go wrong with wearing stretch bracelets to compliment your necklaces. Whether it is a casual two bracelet occasion or a wrist full of bracelets, this adds that extra sparkle and playfulness to your look!

What are your favorite ways to layer jewelry? We would love to hear in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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Fall Design Inspiration

Fall Design Inspiration

Boho Chic: Fall Design Inspiration

This collection is defined by rich color palettes grounded on neutral string with highlights of druzy and pearl. When I first sat down to design the collection there were a few components in particular that I was in love with:

- Faceted hematite with so much shine you would swear it was a crystal
- Druzy in interesting cuts and metallic hues
- Baroque pearls perfectly imperfect with a romantic feel
- Peacock pearls with an iridescent luster

My large wood design table was overflowing with crystal and stone combinations that were hand beaded onto spools of waxed string. My team and I crocheted the pieces one by one and the color stories of the season began to emerge.

I am so excited for Fall this year and to start layering up not only my clothes but my sparkles!
(Of course I write this as I have the air conditioning blasting in the middle of October… oh LA![f])

This collection celebrates timeless grace with a confidence of strength, and highlights the organic beauty of the art of crochet.

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Meet the Designer

Meet the Designer

It’s nice to meet you!

In a snap shot: I’m a wife (to Shaun), a mama (to Jakey, 8 and Nico, 18 months), a jewelry designer, and an always hungry foodie.

I’m a native Los Angeleno raised by Italian grandparents from a large family of 5 siblings. I am a big believer in faith, love, and the power of a good meal.


Design Inspirations - Constantly chasing a dream

- I’m drawn to rich hues, soft textures, and layers.

- Timeless beauty reigns over fast trends in my book.

- Pearls are a way of life and I can never have enough of them.

- A good book can cure even the bleakest of day, as can my sons’ laughter!

Glistening color palettes, infused with metallics, and grounded by natural stones are always dancing in my mind.


Family Life - Always Hungry

Cooking is in so many ways my happy place. It is the way I express love to my family.  If I’m not at the AOS studio, then I am in the kitchen!

Since I mainly cook quicker dinners during the week, our weekends revolve around grocery shopping and big family meals with my siblings.

The Farmers Market is heaven to me! There are few things I enjoy more than chatting with the farmers about their bounty and teaching my kids the importance of buying small from real people that work hard everyday at their craft.

I love seeing the baby’s face covered in strawberry bits and hearing Jakey ask the farmers about their livestock.


An Old Soul - My Gratitude

An Old Soul started on a dining room table in 2013, where I handmade each and every piece that I sold. Jakey would play with Thomas the Tank Engine underneath the table and I would sing songs with him while I crocheted.

AOS pieces are now made at a small studio down the street from my house. I have six wonderful women that help me create all the product that we ship out across the country!

My family still eats dinner on that table every night. It’s the center of my home and now Nico enjoys playing with Mickey Mouse underneath it. At night when the kids are asleep, I love to sit there and crochet to get ahead on the next day’s work.

An Old Soul is truly a family business and I’m eternally grateful to you for supporting a mother’s dream!

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An Old Soul Branding

An Old Soul Branding

You may have noticed that our logo and color scheme are a little different these days... That's because we decided that An Old Soul Jewelry needed a makeover! We are very excited to unveil our new branding as of Fall 2017. My name is Erin and I am the in-house Graphic Designer here. I will be explaining the thought process behind our changes and introduce you to our new look and feel!


Our new logo is representative of components that can be found on every piece, the toggle closures! While reevaluating what An Old Soul is all about, Designer Nicole decided she wanted the branding to represent what we do everyday in the studio. Our team of artisans handcraft each necklace with care and that includes the finishing touch, closing the necklace so that you can wear it! 


The colors create an elegant and feminine feeling. The colors and images are layered with each other to signify the layering of jewelry that defines An Old Soul. Blush tones are popular in our jewelry so it was important to feature those tones in our new branding. The gold accent is used to create feelings of luxury and elegance. 


The designs are inspired by nature and the natural components including freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. The natural world is textured and An Old Soul embraces that element. Antiqued paper, woven materials, and the layering of design elements created texture within our brand.

We are very pleased with our new look and we hope you love it too!

Thank you for reading!

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